Chocolate-cherry brownie

Have you ever tried cooking restaurant-like dishes at home? Usually it’s really difficult to get the necessary ingredients or to reach the proper consistency; and even then, something is clearly missing. This pie, however, is made of simple enough ingredients, but the taste is so exquisite that you wouldn’t be able to stop yourself from taking your best cups and plates out and arranging a ‘restaurant table’ at home! Its slightly wet and intensely chocolate base is perfectly complemented with the sourness of aromatic cherries and bits of melted chocolate… mmm! Can you already sense its smell?

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Vanilla-peach pie

Have you ever tried baked peaches? What about peaches with vanilla? This weekend is a perfect occasion just for that! Such an incredibly juicy and aromatic pie is an ideal choice for these hot midsummer days that is both delectable, moist and dietetic (as far as the pies go, of course :), and may be eaten with tea/coffee, lemonade or even alone. And even if you’re not really a peach lover (as am I), I’m sure you’ll like this refreshing pie! Just give it a try!

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Strawberry cheesecake

With the season of strawberry gradually coming to the end, I offer you one more summer-ly light, tender, and amazingly delicious strawberry cake. Although ‘cheesecake’ may sound a bit rustic, believe me, it’s nothing close to it, and you’ll never ever forget this dietetic cheese-yogurt mixture with fresh strawberries resting on a crunchy aromatic biscuit-almond base! What’s more, in these hot summer days, it doesn’t require any long baking; and when eaten directly from the fridge it’s so refreshing that it tastes almost like a strawberry ice-cream! So, what are you waiting for?

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Strawberry-vanilla cake

The season of strawberry has finally come! And if you think that you’ve already sated your strawberry appetite, try this vanilla pie and you’ll understand that it’s not the end yet? Since I tried it last year, I couldn’t wait to finally cook it once more this summer, and I’m sure it’ll become your favourite pie too! Especially, when complemented with incredibly tender vanilla cream! So, what are you waiting for?

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