Christmas dinner traditions

‘Silent night, holy night, all is calm, all is bright…’

Christmas is coming! And while you’re busy getting ready, buying all the necessary foods, and planning your holidays, I offer you today to learn something new… of course, about Christmas! In particular, about traditional Christmas dinner in main English-speaking countries. And while some details and traditions vary from district to district within even the same country (just think about the differences we have in Ukrainian traditional menus!), here are some classical dishes which are literally the symbols of winter holidays and Christmas in particular in those countries.

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Mulled wine

Mulled wine is a traditional winter drink enjoyed worldwide at various street markets, Christmas fairs, or simply at home. Also, it’s my favourite drink, and I’ve tried dozens of it to find out the ideal one, the one that I’m presenting today, with a festive mixture of spices and a strong aroma of mystery and joy. I’ve always associated mulled wine with a fireplace (although I have none 😊), warm socks (oh, those I have), a cozy blanket, and pristine snow (hope to come soon). Along with mandarins and Christmas tree, mulled wine is the spirit of the Christmas holidays for me. Besides, apart from getting you warm on a winter night and lifting your mood, a side effect of mulled wine is preventing flu and healing sore throat, so why not? What do you associate mulled wine with?

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Brussel sprouts with meatballs

I’m crazy about greenery: aside from being extremely beneficial for your health, it helps you to stay optimistic, energetic and concentrated throughout the week. Obviously, in winter we don’t have many green vegetables or fruit, but, luckily, we have Brussel sprouts! Many people avoid them because of their natural bitterness, yet with this recipe, you’ll doubtlessly fall in love with this precious vegetable! Stewed with carrots and covered with delicious meat sauce with meatballs, it makes for an excellent, filling yet energizing side dish or gravy. So, don’t miss this opportunity while it’s still time for Brussel sprouts!

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Pasta with baked cauliflower

I looove cauliflower; for me, it’s one of the tastiest vegetables ever, and when baked it becomes so deliciously appetizing that it’s impossible to resist! This dish is even more irresistible: just imagine, soft cauliflower baked with spicy garlic, aromatic parsley, creamy pasta, and golden pine nuts, all sprinkled with hard cheese, mmm! Being perfectly easy to cook, light, dietetic, and unquestionably tasty, this pasta is definitely my favourite choice for dinner. So, give it a try!

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