These Jewish biscuits were my variant of celebrating of the Transfiguration of Our Lord when traditionally we’re supposed to eat lots of poppy seeds and fruit. They have it all: crunchy shortcrust base, creamy apple, and fragrant poppy fillings, and funny shape. They taste like August: still summer, but with a hint of autumn in the air; and sprinkled with honey… mmm. These biscuits very easy to make, probably the easiest I’ve ever cooked, – and to eat (bet that
you’ll lose control of how many you ate)! So, give them a try!

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Apricot cheesecake

The season of apricots is coming to the end, so I hope you’re already ready to try apricots in something more interesting than just eating them fresh. This sunny apricot-cheese pie is exactly what you need: with lots of fragrant juicy sweet-sour apricots and soft cottage cheese it tastes like Indian summer in the village: so cozy, warm, and nostalgic. It’s so tender and succulent that it’s almost pudding; and it’s perfectly dietetic. It’s very easy to bake, so you can make it even after a busy day, and be sure that its heavenly aroma will revive and renew you and make you forget all your troubles and worries!

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Broad beans salad

For my whole life, I fairly disliked broad beans because of their slight bitterness – until I met this recipe, where the bitterness of tender beans is dissolved in and aptly combined with crunchy cucumbers, spicy onion and salty cheese, seasoned with truly invigorating dill! This salad is so refreshing and dietetic as to make it a perfect summer thirst-quenching salad that can replace light dinner, and it’s really fast and easy to make. Give it a try!

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