Italian-style salad

This light Italian-style salad with soft mozzarella, fragrant basil, sweet tomatoes, bits of bacon and a delicious sauce is like a whiff of summer in the midst of dull winter. It’s perfectly easy to cook and can make for a romantic Italian dinner with a glass of dry red wine. Or, more prosaically, it can be a side dish for any meat or fish. Try it and bring some bright freshness in your daily routine!


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Tex-Mex Rainbow salad

It’s time for a rainbow! This pretty simple and tasty salad is extremely nutritious and can make for a perfect lunch or dinner. It’s also an ideal side dish for meat or fish. Although there are not all rainbow colours, it’s still very bright and colourful, and it will certainly improve your winter mood. So, give it a try and add some new colours to your life!

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Mexican rice

This Mexican rice is a traditional Mexican dish that’ll make you look at rice from completely different angle even if you’ve hated it for all your life! It’s blissfully aromatic and fluffy (no much-hated clumps!) and just a bit spicy. To make it more like main dish, you can add canned corn, chili pepper, bell pepper or anything that comes to your mind. Otherwise, it’s one of my favourite side dishes, so give it a try!

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Cheesy ‘mandarins’

These delicious, cheesy and spicy ‘mandarins’ – with a hint of carrot sweetness or delicate nutty flavor – make for a perfect winter appetizer. They’re so bright, colourful and tasty they’ll disappear from your table the quickest! An incredible idea to surprise your guests or family!

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