November Salad

This vigorous salad is another one of my favourites: juicy, creamy, bright, and refreshing! I suppose you’ve already guessed the reason for its name, haven’t you? Right, these red and yellow peppers and orange carrot make it look like autumn leaves under our feet! And when combined with tender turkey and cheese, it becomes so invigorating, nourishing, and energizing that it can doubtlessly replace your dinner! So, what are you waiting for?

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Broccoli-almonds salad

Today I offer you to prepare something very unusual and sophisticated: raw broccoli salad with raisins and almonds. Really, although it’s not widely practiced in Ukraine, but you can safely eat raw broccoli, as well as raw cabbage and raw Brussel sprouts; it’s delicious, refreshing, and much richer in vitamins than its cooked versions; and what’s more, it doesn’t have that peculiar smell that cooked broccoli has, tasting more like our usual cabbage. Yet, combined with sweet raisins, crunchy almonds, and sour apple, this broccoli salad is sooo juicy, aromatic, truly delectable, and even festive that you’ll have troubles restraining yourself from downing the whole bowl at once! It’s love at the first spoon, believe me! So, while there still is broccoli at the markets, don’t miss this opportunity!

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Spicy baked chicken breasts

Chicken is the most dietetic and healthy type of meat with incredibly high protein content. Yet, quite often chicken, especially its breast, is dry and tasteless. Often, but not in this recipe: chicken salted and baked this way is sooo juicy and aromatic that it really tastes like store-bought ham. It’s a perfect idea for various sandwiches and salads, for festive boards, or just by itself for lunch. Spicy, fragrant, and evenly salted, it’s an easy way to make children and meat-haters fall in love with it. Give it a try!

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