Chickpeas-basil salad

This incredible salad harmoniously combines everything: fresh vegetables, creamy nourishing chickpeas, fragrant basil and soft Feta cheese: a true reminiscence of summer! It’s very easy to cook, filling and healthy. In these cold, almost winter days, just try this salad and surrender to nostalgia!

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Beans cream soup

Could you imagine beans being one of the key ingredients in an exquisite delectable cream soup? Yet, this seemingly rustic filling vegetable when combined with white wine, sweet stewed onion and the freshness of lemon zest creates something really unforgettable, while garlic croutons add a  finishing stroke and balance the creaminess of the soup. Just give it a try and you’ll be genuinely surprised!

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Salad with beet and chickpeas

This is a perfect winter salad: dietary, healthy, light and extremely nourishing. It doesn’t require any main course to go with and can doubtlessly replace your lunch or dinner. By the way, it’s really delicious (even if you hate beet as I do!): creamy chickpeas, sweet baked beet, crunchy walnuts and salty Feta cheese with marinated onion under sour-sweet dressing. It’s certainly worth giving it a try!

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