Buckwheat-bryndza bake with seeds

This is an ideal fitness dish; the dish that makes you jump, run, create, and not just take a nap. It’s really delicious and nourishing, full of protein, and a perfect alternative to mundane boiled buckwheat: with spicy bryndza and crunchy sesame and linseeds it turns into something really exquisite! By the way, it’s also a wonderful opportunity to ‘recycle’ yesterday-old buckwheat that no one is willing to eat. So, give it a try!

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Brussel sprouts salad

Do you still believe that Brussel sprouts are bitter, difficult to cook and generally unpalatable? Forget this. Sour-sweet dressing of this salad, along with creamy Feta cheese, sweet pomegranate seeds and honey-coated walnuts, will turn the Brussel sprouts, stir-fried and baked in their turn, into something really delectable, tender and aromatic. Dare to try and you’ll be genuinely impressed by this winter and yet so colourful a salad!

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Spicy tomato-bean soup

Winter is a perfect time for hearty, filling and nourishing dishes and this soup is just like that. It’s really delicious and a healthy alternative for all soup-haters (as I am): there’s not much water, no potatoes, lots of tomatoes, aromatic spices and cheeeese! My first thought when I was cooking this soup was that it smells like pizza. Just give it a try and add more color to these winter days!

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