Zucchini cake

This delicious zucchini cake makes for an ideal appetizer or side dish. It reminds me of a favourite dish of my childhood – fried zucchini with mayonnaise and tomatoes, only this one is far healthier and certainly tastier. It also looks great, thus it’s wonderful for family celebrations. What’s more, zucchini pancakes are very basic and you can experiment and change the filling to your liking. So, while there are still fresh zucchini on the markets, cook it and enjoy every bite!

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Yoghurt-peach dessert

It’s a wonderful summer-autumn dessert for the days when the sun still shines and it’s still warm: it’s extremely peachy, easy to cook, light and tasty! Soft moist sponge cake, weightless yoghurt cream and fragrant sweet peaches make for an ideal substitute for ice-cream and cakes in sunny days. It’s impossible to spoil, so, while peaches are still on the stalls, give it a try!

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Baked broccoli with sesame

Baked broccoli with sesame is a wonderful snack: nutritious, incredibly tasty, healthy and filling. It’s so delicious and unusual that even those who hate broccoli will eat it eagerly (tested on inveterate broccoli-haters!). Soy sauce gives it the Asian flavor, while crunchy sesame will make you lose control 🙂 Finally, it’s equally tasty warm and cold. So, just give it a try!

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Chinese corn soup

Have you ever tried to make something with fresh corn or only cooked it in water? How about corn soup? This unusual Chinese soup is extremely cornish and aromatic, a bit spicy and quite nourishing. Having tried it once, you’ll never forget its taste! If you like corn (who doesn’t?), soy sauce and Chinese cuisine, you’ll certainly relish it, so dare to try!

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