Pasta with tuna

This pasta is really delicious and one of the best ways of consuming perfectly nutritious tuna: just imagine – 29% of protein! Stir-fried golden onion mixed with tuna and pasta and sprinkled with fresh spring onions makes for an ideal dinner. So, if you’re keeping Lent or just pretty bored from trivial recipes and looking for something easy and tasty, try this one!

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Chicken spring rolls

These colourful and dietetic rolls are great for late winter and spring, the time when there are so few colours in nature and our bodies desperately lack some freshness and vitamins. Bright, crunchy vegetables combined with fried  chicken breasts and rolled in thin rice paper are complemented with truly delectable peanut sauce…mm! If you’re looking for some really garden-fresh dish that will make you feel light as the first spring sunbeams, it’s doubtlessly these chicken spring rolls!

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Cinnamon crescent rolls

These incredibly aromatic crescent rolls are a perfect choice for these spring yet cold days. Spicy scent of cinnamon mixed with the scent of ground  walnuts and butter of the shortcrust pastry will definitely infatuate you and inspire you, and make these days far sunnier and cozier. So, go on (and don’t forget a cup of tea)!

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