Rhubarb-mint cake

Rhubarb is unjustly considered to be a rural, primitive and sort of outdated fruit, and this cake will definitely give you a fresh look at it. Just imagine: baked rhubarb with orange notes on a pillow of white chocolate-mint cream in a shortcrust pastry wrapping… Believe me, the taste is really exquisite, refreshing and summer-like! So, have a look in your yard – maybe it’s a bunch of rhubarb over there?

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Almond-blackcurrant cake

Real summer has finally come, and it’s time for fresh, light, and low-calory desserts! This sweet-sour mousse cake is like first flowers of lilac: perfectly refreshing, tender and thirst-quenching. Delicious, slightly tart blackcurrant mousse on a base of fragrant soft sponge cake and covered with luscious white chocolate cream will definitely make you lose control and your mouth water! But don’t worry – as I already said, this cake is completely dietetic, so just let yourself sink into this orgy and eat it all!

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Salad with asparagus and cheese

Asparagus is quickly gaining popularity these days, so it was a sin not to try these delicious, tender and perfectly nutritious sprouts. Combined with lettuce, soft goat cheese, and almonds under mint-honey seasoning, it’s greatly energizing and mood-lifting. Its taste is like a fresh summer morning: light, refreshing and truly invigorating! So, with summer coming in a week, you’re bound to try it!

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