Spinach cream soup

Do you love spinach as much as I do? Besides being truly delicious, it’s also incredibly nutritious and full of vitamins, which we all need so much in spring. And this creamy soup is an ideal way to begin falling in love with it or to selfishly enjoy it. Complemented with lots of cheese, caramelized onion and spicy garlic and seasoned with heavy cream and a poached egg, the soup is so delicate and perfectly balanced that it will make your mouth water even if you’re sure that you hate spinach. So, I believe it’s time to try something new!

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Chocolate-nuts cake

This incredible cake can be truly called a fitness cake with no fats added, and still its taste is really exquisite like rich-texture fragrant brownie. The cream, although contains a bit more calories, is moderately sweet and perfectly complements the cake. It is even more balanced by a bit of crispy fresh fruit. So, if you have a bit of free time and a desire for some delicious light and moderately sweet cake, you’ve found it!

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British fish pie

What do you think of a bit of British classic? Fish pie is as traditional a part of British cuisine, as varenyky – of Ukrainian one; and even if you’re not British – I’m sure that you’ll like it! Just add some magic ingredients: your favourite fish fillet, tender canned peas and corn, delicious golden onions and creamy sauce, cover it all with soft pillow of mashed potato and you’ll get a filling, mouth-watering and truly unforgettable dish for cold rainy days! Sounds enticing, doesn’t it?

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Cheese-apple biscuits

These biscuits are incredibly easy to make, yet they look great and taste even better. The combination of cottage cheese and juicy apples is truly delectable, and thin cinnamon-sugar crust perfectly complements it. So, if you still have a couple of winter apples, try this and you certainly won’t regret it!

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My favourite Easter bread

The celebration of Easter is as full of traditions as it is old, and one of such traditions is baking Easter bread. My family didn’t use to bake Easter bread themselves and mostly bought it, until several years earlier I and my mom became interested in baking it ourselves. Since then, we’ve tried lots of different recipes, and this one is definitely our favourite: moderately sweet, with rich texture and aroma, soft and yellow as a chicken. If you still haven’t found your ideal recipe or want to try something new, try this! You’ll love it!

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Crunchy fish sticks

Do you have children who hate fish? Or maybe it’s you who never truly loved fish? Are you an absolute meat-lover? Just try these sticks! They are really one of the best fish dishes I’ve ever tried (and I’m a hopeless fish-lover)! Crunchy coating, juicy fish and a delicious creamy sauce make them unforgettable, and the way of cooking – baking (no deep-frying!) – make them healthy and dietetic as well! So, what are you waiting for?

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Pasta with tuna

This pasta is really delicious and one of the best ways of consuming perfectly nutritious tuna: just imagine – 29% of protein! Stir-fried golden onion mixed with tuna and pasta and sprinkled with fresh spring onions makes for an ideal dinner. So, if you’re keeping Lent or just pretty bored from trivial recipes and looking for something easy and tasty, try this one!

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Chicken spring rolls

These colourful and dietetic rolls are great for late winter and spring, the time when there are so few colours in nature and our bodies desperately lack some freshness and vitamins. Bright, crunchy vegetables combined with fried  chicken breasts and rolled in thin rice paper are complemented with truly delectable peanut sauce…mm! If you’re looking for some really garden-fresh dish that will make you feel light as the first spring sunbeams, it’s doubtlessly these chicken spring rolls!

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Cinnamon crescent rolls

These incredibly aromatic crescent rolls are a perfect choice for these spring yet cold days. Spicy scent of cinnamon mixed with the scent of ground  walnuts and butter of the shortcrust pastry will definitely infatuate you and inspire you, and make these days far sunnier and cozier. So, go on (and don’t forget a cup of tea)!

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