Baked broccoli with sesame

Baked broccoli with sesame is a wonderful snack: nutritious, incredibly tasty, healthy and filling. It’s so delicious and unusual that even those who hate broccoli will eat it eagerly (tested on inveterate broccoli-haters!). Soy sauce gives it the Asian flavor, while crunchy sesame will make you lose control 🙂 Finally, it’s equally tasty warm and cold. So, just give it a try!

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Chinese corn soup

Have you ever tried to make something with fresh corn or only cooked it in water? How about corn soup? This unusual Chinese soup is extremely cornish and aromatic, a bit spicy and quite nourishing. Having tried it once, you’ll never forget its taste! If you like corn (who doesn’t?), soy sauce and Chinese cuisine, you’ll certainly relish it, so dare to try!

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Baked eggs with zucchini and tomatoes

It’s a perfect summer dish – light, nutritious, colourful, easy-to-cook and doubtlessly tasty! Stewed zucchini with tomatoes, eggs, fragrant basil and just a little bit of salty cheese – all this makes for an excellent breakfast or lunch. All that you need to add is a slice of fresh soft bread to clean out the sauce! If you wish, you can also add aubergines or use bryndza.

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Plum pie

Desserts come back!
Today – delicious soft melt-in-your-mouth plum pie with crispy topping: the best idea for summer evening tea-party! Lots of plums make it succulent, cinnamon adds flavor, and a thin layer of tender yeast dough makes for a perfect basis for all this lavishness. By the way, it’s very easy to make and doesn’t require the skill of kneading dough. So, give it a try while plums remain #1 fruit at food markets!

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Marrow stuffed with buckwheat and mushrooms

This stuffed marrow will make for an excellent light dinner that will make you want to jump, run, dance, and not lazily go to bed. Creamy sauce adds to its texture and taste and makes the dish really exquisite. If you’d like to eat something savory yet healthy or just to surprise your relatives with
something delicious made from incredibly simple ingredients, try this and you’ll be amazed!

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Замість передмови

Hi, everyone!

My name’s Oleksandra and I’m a teacher of English at KI School.

I love my job, my students and communicating in general.

Cooking for me is a way of relaxing and switching over to something completely different. I became interested in cooking only a couple of years ago, when I badly wanted some dessert that I couldn’t find, and I realized that I really enjoy the process.

So now I’d like to share my favourite receipts with you 😉