Lithuanian borscht

This variation of borscht is just what a perfect supper should be: light, nourishing, healthy and delectable. Crispy cucumber, sweet beet, spicy dill, all dissolved in thick Greek yoghurt or kefir. It requires no cooking and is  incredibly easy to prepare, especially once you have everything ready. And although it’s usually served with boiled potatoes, it can also be an independent dish. Try and surprise your friends and relatives with this unconventional borscht!

You’ll need:
2 average beets
2 average cucumbers
1 l kefir or Greek yoghurt
1 bunch of dill
Salt to taste

1. Pre-heat oven to 200 o C.
2. Wrap beets in a foil and put them in an oven. Bake for approx. 1 hour. The beets should be soft enough to be pierced with a prick or a match. Let them chill.
3. Pour kefir or Greek yoghurt in a pot.
4. Roughly grate cucumbers and beets. Add to kefir.
5. Chop dill and add to the beets.
6. Mix thoroughly and salt to taste.
7. Boil some potatoes. Serve with the borscht in a glass.

NB: If you like mayonnaise, you can mix kefir and mayonnaise 1:1. You can also boil beets to save electricity and time, but when baked they’re more flavourful.